Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Well, it happened!  Our house sold!  The buyer is the one that placed the offer last week.  His first offer was ridiculously low, plus he wanted our washer/dryer and riding lawn mower.  We countered back that we still wanted our asking price but we would give him $5,000 for closing costs.  We also told him he could have the lawn mower, but not the washer/dryer and also moved the closing date to June 3.  He came back with another offer that was still too low, and we rejected it and stuck with our previous counter offer.  We figured it wasn't going to work out with him, but obviously God had other plans because he accepted our offer today!  God is so good!  It's neat because we were supposed to have a showing today but they called and cancelled at almost the exact same time we got the call about him accepting our offer!

Now what?  We have 3 weeks from tomorrow to move! Things are going to be extra crazy with moving on top of our busy schedule.  We head across the mountains Friday night so we can take another look at the house we want and put an offer on it.  Please pray for the Lord's will concerning that.  The people living in that house are leasing it, so we're not sure we'll be able to get the house by June 3 which means we will be homeless for a bit. ;-)  Josh will be getting an apartment, so we'll probably live with him. Hehe...

Here are the pictures that were up on the Remax website.  This home has a lot of good memories in it.  The Lord has really blessed!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mother's Day

We made a trip over the mountains this past weekend for a special Mother's Day service.  We had a really good service, and were even able to go see the grange hall where we will start having services once we get moved over.  Here are a few pictures, as well as a couple of video clips of last minute specials. 

Thursday, May 6, 2010

For Sale

For anyone who has read Maggie's blog recently, you know that our house is up for sale now.  It officially went on the market April 30th.  It's a very bittersweet time, because I'm excited about what God has in store for us, but on the other hand I'm sad to leave family, friends, etc.  We'll only be moving 4 hours away so that makes it nice for visits, whether it be us coming back or people coming to see us...HINT HINT!

We had a showing on Saturday and Wednesday.  Reality is setting in.  We're really moving.  But let's make it even more realistic with this little detail....

Last night's viewer has placed an offer on the house!  What?!  The house hasn't even been on the market a week!  It's really exciting to see how God is working everything out, but it's kinda scary too at how fast things are happening.  Oh, and did I mention this guy wants the house by May 31st??  If this goes through, we won't even have the normal 30 days.  Haha...the funny part is that he offered to let us rent OUR house if we can't get out that fast. 


I know this is what God wants for us and I'm excited about it, but it's kinda scary at the same time.  We've talked about how it would be nice if the Lord allowed our house to sell quickly so we could just move and get it over with.  Now, it's like He's answering those prayers, but yet it seems like it's happening TOO fast. a friend pointed out, God's not going to allow anything to happen that He won't enable us to get through. 

A really neat thing about it is that we were hoping to get our house on the market the beginning of April, but ended up needing more time.  During the past few weeks we've been watching the price drop drastically on the house we're looking at!  So if you think about it, what if we got our house on the market when we originally planned and it sold right away?  The house we're looking at would still have been the original price it was when we first started looking at it.  The Lord knew that house would drop in price, so it's like He just held us off long enough for it to happen.  God's timing is always best! 

So, as you can imagine things are a bit crazy around here. =)  My parents go meet with our realtor tomorrow to talk about our counter offer.  I know several of you are already praying for us right now...your prayers are definitely appreciated.  This is a huge change in our lives, and it could become very real very soon! 

Oh...I realized this is my 100th blog post. Yay!! 

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Happy Birthday, Mom!

I'm a day late in posting this...but I guess it's better late than never. :) 

Servant's heart
A great mom! 
Ready to listen
Never fails to show love

Happy Birthday, Mom!
I love you very much!!
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