Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Cranberry-Orange Scones

¾ c dried cranberries or craisins
3 c all-purpose flour
3 Tbs sugar
1 Tbs baking powder
½ tsp salt
½ tsp cream of tartar
½ c cold butter or margarine
1 egg, separated
½ c sour cream
¾ c half-and-half cream
1½ tsp almond extract
Orange zest

In a large mixing bowl, combine the flour, sugar, baking powder, salt and cream of tartar. With a pastry blender, cut in butter until mixture resembles coarse crumbs. Set aside. In a small bowl, combine egg yolk, sour cream, cream and extract. Add to flour mixture; stir until a soft dough forms. On a floured surface, knead gently six to eight times. Rub orange zest on top of dough. Knead in craisins and orange zest. (Try not to over-knead, or else they won’t be as fluffy) Divide dough in half and roll each portion into a circle about ½ inch thick. Cut into wedges with a sharp knife. Place on a lightly greased baking sheet. Beat the egg white until foamy; brush tops of scones and sprinkle with sugar. Bake at 4oo degrees for 15-20 minutes.

Orange Glaze:
2 c & 1 Tbs confectioners sugar
1 Tbs butter, soft
¼ c orange juice
2 tsp orange zest
½ tsp vanilla
dash salt

Mix and drizzle over scones.


We went to OR for Christmas this year.  It's been 8 years since we spent Christmas with our family over there.  We left Christmas Eve and got in at 3am Christmas morning. :o)  It was really good to see everyone again.  Things were pretty crazy with so many people in the house, but we had lots of fun.  Here's the whole gang:

Saturday morning greeted us with frozen fog.  It's the weirdest thing.  Everything is covered in ice.  It's really pretty though!

We stayed over the weekend and got back last night, but not without a trip to Cabela's. :o)

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas with family and friends. May we never forget the ultimate gift given to us so many years ago when Christ was born so that He could one day go the cross of Calvary and pay the price for our sin and offer us the gift of eternal salvation. 

"For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord." ~ Romans 6:23

"Thanks be unto God for his unspeakable gift." ~ 2 Corinthians 9:15

Monday, December 21, 2009


1 1/2 cups shortening
2 cups sugar
2 eggs
1/2 cup molasses (mild)
4 cups sifted flour
2 tsp baking soda
1 tsp cinnamon
1/4 tsp cloves
2 tsp ginger

Cream shortening and sugar together. Beat in eggs. Add molasses and dry ingredients. Roll into 1 inch (or larger) balls and roll balls in sugar. Bake at 350* for 10 min.

A HUGE Blessing!

Last night the choir was able to enjoy a very short practice, if you could even call it that, and went over to the fellowship hall for cake and coffee.  It was while we were over there Carolyn came up to me and said, "Kali, there's a really big present on your desk!"  So, of course we had to go check it out.  There on my desk was a big box, accompanied by a smaller one.  The biggest one had a post-it note on it that said: To: Kali Open me first.  There was no card...nothing else to indicate who this mystery gift might be from.  As I began to peel the paper away, I couldn't believe my eyes.  I think my exact words were, "No way!"  Carolyn standing beside me assured me that what I was looking at was indeed what it was.  I can just hear you now...What was it????

It was none other than a KitchenAid Mixer!!!!! (with a cover in the other box)

I have been wanting one of these so bad, but just didn't have the finances to purchase one for myself.  There have been so many times recently that I'll be making something and say, If only I had a KitchenAid...haha

Apparently the Lord laid me one someone's heart and they wanted to be a blessing!  I'm SO excited about it!  So, whoever you are that bought this very generous gift for me, THANK YOU!!!  I love it so much!  I even used it to make cookies last night!  LOL  This was such a blessing, and I hope and pray the Lord pours out His blessings upon you. 


"Delight thyself also in the LORD; and he shall give thee the desires of thine heart." ~ Psalm 37:4

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Handel's Messiah

was so awesome! 

I saw it 4 years ago, but I appreciated it so much more this time around.  I think it was due to the fact that I was more familiar with some of the songs.  Almost all of the SPG's went, along with our leaders.  We got all dressed up, went to dinner and then the show.  I wish I had more group pictures.  The closest thing I have is the girls, but that wasn't even all of the girls.  Oh well.  Just believe me when I tell you that everyone looked smashing. :o) 

If you have never been, you've got to go!  It's amazing!  I could go every year, and I don't think I'd ever get bored with it. 

ps ~ I got my dress at the thrift store for $15.  Isn't it great?!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Mele Kalikimaka

This was the theme of our Ladies Bible Fellowship on Monday. The SPG girls were given charge over decorations, and we decided to go with a Hawaiian Christmas theme. We had a hawaiian decorated mini Christmas tree, pineapples with mini ornaments hanging from the leaves, and gave leis to everyone.  It was alot of fun and turned out really well. Carolyn gave the devotion and did a great job. All-in-all it was a great success!

Next on the calendar: Handel's Messiah!!! We're going tomorrow.  I'm so excited!!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Mele Kalikimaka Punch

1 can frozen cranberry juice concentrate
1 can frozen lemonade concentrate
2 liters lemon-lime soda
1 bottle sparkling mineral water
1 pkg. frozen raspberries

Mix and enjoy! 

Very yummy!

Three Years Ago...

our church started what we call the Highway 20 Project. You may recall this post where I gave a brief explanation of what it is that we're trying to do.

"About 3 years ago, the Lord gave our church a vision to start a new outreach along Highway 20. The goal of this new project was to evangelize 12 cities along the hwy in hopes of seeing a church (or churches) started. There has been a lot of work, time and finances put into this project, but the Lord has blessed our efforts. We have made many contacts and even seen some saved! The doors have been opening specifically in the Methow Valley area, so this is where we've been putting most of our effort. We are currently in the process of trying to get regular Bible Studies set up. Eventually, we'd like to have 2 families move over there, and like I said before, see these Bible Studies turn into a Church."

This past weekend we had our Annual Leadership Retreat where our Pastor sought the Lord's will concerning the vision for the upcoming year. It was there that the Lord confirmed that we are to head into the next phase in our Highway 20 Project and move a team over to the Methow Valley and get a church started.

It was also 3 years ago that the Lord called my Dad to preach. Since then he has been attending our Bible Institute and waiting for the Lord's direction concerning his future ministry.

Well, you may have already guessed it...my family will be moving sometime this summer. The Lord has made it very evident that He wants us to be a part of that team to go start this church. It's exciting, but also kinda sad/scary at the same time. I've lived on the island for almost 23 years now. It's all I've ever known. While this new endeavor will bring new and exciting experiences/challenges, it will also bring heartache as we leave our friends and church family behind.

So, while I'll always be an 'island girl' at heart, I'll soon be a 'valley girl'! :)

Thursday, December 10, 2009


Sorry bout the silence.

We had a good Thanksgiving with my Dad's side of the family.

Maggie and I went shopping on Black Friday and found some great sales. I have about 95% of my shopping done. Yay!

On Monday, Deborah and I made dinner for our families. It was served a little later than we would have like, but it was delicious! Mmmm...Garlic Marinated Chicken, Garlic Parmesan Rolls, Chocolate Souffle.

I've been sick...again! It started off with a cough, with which I started losing my voice. (My voice was described as a 12-year-old boy going through puberty. Not very feminine. Go ahead, laugh...you know you want to. Everyone else was.) Then it turned into a cold, and then I came down with pink eye last night. Gross!!!

Tomorrow, we are going to the Annual Leadership Retreat. It's where we discuss the vision the Lord has given our Pastor for the upcoming year. This year's vision should be very exciting and will bring about quite a few changes for our family.

I came across this blog today and I feel inspired to make some cookies. Maybe I'll make some for the Annual LBF Cookie Exchange on Monday.

Oh! This post wouldn't be complete without telling you we had our first snow of the year on Saturday. It was very, VERY minimal, but for those who are familiar with the area you know how RARE snow can be over here. So, getting snow this early is a good sign that we'll be seeing more. Maybe we'll have another White Christmas?!

Chocolate Souffle

2 ounces unsweetened chocolate
1/4 cup butter, cubed
5 tablespoons all-purpose flour
1/3 cup plus 1 teaspoon sugar, divided
1/4 teaspoon salt
1 cup milk
3 eggs, separated
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
1/4 teaspoon almond extract

1 cup heavy whipping cream
1/4 cup confectioners' sugar
1/4 teaspoon vanilla extract
Baking cocoa or ground cinnamon, optional

In a large heavy saucepan, melt chocolate and butter over low heat. In a small bowl, combine flour, 1/3 cup sugar and salt; add milk and stir until smooth. Stir into the melted chocolate. Cook and stir over medium heat until thickened and bubbly. Reduce heat; cook and stir 2 minutes longer. Remove from the heat.

In a small bowl, beat egg yolks. Stir a small amount of filling into yolks, return all to the pan, stirring constantly. Add extracts. In a small bowl and with clean beaters, beat egg whites on medium speed until soft peaks form. Gradually beat in remaining sugar on high until stiff peaks form. With a spatula, stir a fourth of the egg whites into chocolate batter until no white streaks remain, then fold in remaining egg whites.

Grease the bottom of 1-1/2-qt. baking dish; add souffle batter. Place dish in a larger pan. Fill large pan with hot water to a depth of 1 in. Bake at 325° for 1 hour or until a knife inserted near the center comes out clean.

For topping, beat the cream in a chilled small bowl until it begins to thicken. Add confectioners' sugar and vanilla; beat until soft peaks form. Serve souffle warm with a dollop of sauce. Sprinkle with cocoa or cinnamon if desired.

Garlic Cheese Rolls

4 3/4 to 5 1/4 cups all-purpose bread flour
1/3 cup sugar
2 packages Rapid Rise yeast
1 1/2 teaspoons salt
3/4 cup milk
3/4 cup water
1/4 cup butter or margarine, cut into pieces
1 egg
1/4 cup melted butter or margarine
2 cloves garlic, crushed
2 tablespoons Parmesan cheese

In a large bowl, combine 2 cups flour, sugar, undissolved yeast, and salt. Heat milk, water, and butter until very warm (120* to 130* F.); stir into dry ingredients. Stir in egg and enough remaining flour to make soft dough. Knead on lightly floured surface until smooth and elastic, about 6 to 8 minutes. Cover; let rest on floured surface 10 minutes.

With a sharp knife, divide dough into 24 pieces for 9x13 inch pan. Shape into balls; place in greased pan. In a small bowl, combine butter and garlic*; pour over rolls.
Sprinkle with Parmesan cheese.

Cover (use saran wrap sprayed with non-stick cooking spray), and let rise in warm overn 30 to 45 minutes until doubled. (hint: to warm oven slightly, turn oven on warm setting for 2 minutes, then turn it off, and place covered dough in over to rise. Remove pan from oven to preheat.)

Preheat oven to 375*F. Bake for 15 minutes until golden. Remove for oven, cut apart, and serve warm.

*Add garlic to butter BEFORE melting; garlic flavor is enhanced when heated.

Garlic-Marinated Chicken Cutlets With Grilled Potatoes

1 1/2 pounds baby red new potatoes, halved or quartered if large
1 tablespoon plus 1 1/2 teaspoons olive oil, plus more for grates
3 garlic cloves, minced
2 tablespoons white-wine vinegar
1 1/2 tablespoons fresh thyme leaves, chopped, plus sprigs for garnish, if desired
Coarse salt and ground pepper
1 1/2 pounds chicken cutlets (about 6)
1 tablespoon butter
1 1/2 pounds medium-thick asparagus, trimmed
1 tablespoons Garlic Vinaigrette

Heat grill to medium. Fold a 4-foot-long sheet of aluminum foil in half to make a double-layer sheet. Place the potatoes on the double layer. Form a packet, folding foil over potatoes and crimping edges to seal. Place on grill and cook, turning over once, until potatoes are tender, about 25 minutes. Remove from heat. Leave potatoes wrapped in foil to keep warm. Raise grill to high; lightly oil grates.

Meanwhile, make marinade: In a large baking dish, whisk together 1 tablespoon of the oil, garlic, vinegar, thyme, 1/2 teaspoon salt, and 1/4 teaspoon pepper. Add chicken; turn several times to coat. Let marinate at room temperature 10 minutes.

In a large bowl, toss the asparagus with the remaining 1 1/2 teaspoons oil; season with salt and pepper. Working in batches, if necessary, grill the asparagus, turning ocasionally, until lightly browned and tender, 4 to 8 minutes, depending on the thickness of teh spears. Set aside.

Lift chicken from marinade and grill until browned and cooked through, 2 to 3 minutes per side. Remove from grill. Cover the chicken with foil to keep warm.

Remove warm potatoes from foil; transfer to a medium bowl, toss with butter, and season with salt and pepper. Cut the asparagus on the diagonal into 1 1/2-inch pieces. In a medium bowl, toss asparagus with Vinaigrette. Serve the grilled chicken with potatoes and asparagus. Garnish with thyme sprigs, if desired.

1/3 cup white-wine vinegar
1/4 cup Dijon mustard
2 teaspoons honey
1/2 cup olive oil
Coarse salt and ground pepper
1 teaspoon minced garlic

In a small bowl or jar, combine white-wine vinegar, Dijon mustard, honey, and garlic; season generously with coarse salt and ground pepper. Whisk or shake to combine. Add 1/2 cup olive oil; whisk or shake again. Store in an airtight container or jar, and refrigerate, up to 2 weeks. Shake before using.

**Due to the cost of asparagus, we chose to use have fresh green beens. Cooked, blanched and tossed in the vinaigrette was very tasty!

Monday, November 23, 2009

God's Plan For Marriage, Pt. 2

This is good stuff! Everyone should listen to it. It's very practical advice for those who are single and parents with children of any age.

Did you miss the first one? Listen to it here.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Today's Trial Is Tomorrow's Testimony

I saw this quote here and really liked it.

It sure seems like our family has been going through a lot of trials lately. Everything seems to happen at the same time, and it can get overwhelming and discouraging. Look for the testimony through that trial and it will bless you!

Trial: Several of us have been sick.
Testimony: We're almost back to full health again!

Trial: The microwave died.
Testimony: Someone had an extra that they gave to us FREE!

Trial: Maggie's engine went out on her car.
Testimony: My dad found an engine 1/2 the price she originally thought she would have to pay.

Trial: My dad's engine went out on his truck.
Testimony: The Lord provided a small commuter car a while back, so he has a car until he can get his truck fixed.

Isn't God good?!

I will bless the LORD at all times:
his praise shall continually be in my mouth.

Psalm 34:1

  • Unfortunately, Lilly has been sick this week, but it has allowed me to get things caught up in the office. Yay!
  • Next week is Thanksgiving break!
  • I had coffee with a friend today.
  • Made breakfast for dinner. Mmmm...pumpkin waffles.
  • I attempted pilates tonight. Hehe...gonna have to work on that. :D

Pumpkin Waffles

1 cup plus 2 tablespoons all-purpose flour
2 tablespoons brown sugar
1 teaspoon ground cinnamon
1/2 teaspoon salt
1/2 teaspoon baking powder
1/4 teaspoon baking soda
2 eggs
1 cup milk
1/2 cup canned pumpkin
2 tablespoons butter, melted

In a large bowl, combine the first six ingredients. In another bowl, combine the eggs, milk, pumpkin and butter; stir into dry ingredients just until combined.

Bake in a preheated waffle iron according to manufacturer’s directions until golden brown.

Yield: 4 servings.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

For Those Interested...

This is the first in a series on Preparing for Marriage. I'll be sure to post the rest as they come. Enjoy!

Saturday, November 14, 2009


This year I made it a personal goal to cook more. Thursday is my designated day to cook dinner, and I've really enjoyed it. I've taken the opportunity to not only make old favorites, but try new things as well!
I decided to start another blog completely dedicated to the different things I make. It'll kinda be like a recipe book. Stop by! Try one of the recipes and let me know what you thought of it!

Chicken Tortilla Soup

6 corn tortillas (6 inch), divided
1-1/2 tsp. oil, divided
1/2 lb. boneless skinless chicken breasts, cut into bite-size pieces
2 cans (14 oz. each) chicken broth
1 cup TACO BELL® HOME ORIGINALS® Thick 'N Chunky Medium Salsa
1 cup frozen corn
1 cup KRAFT Shredded Cheddar Cheese

HEAT oven to 400°F. Cut 2 tortillas into strips; toss with 1/2 tsp. oil. Spread in single layer on baking sheet. Bake 10 to 12 min. or until crisp, stirring occasionally.

MEANWHILE, finely chop remaining 4 tortillas. Heat remaining oil in large saucepan on medium-high heat. Add chicken; cook and stir 5 min. Add chopped tortillas, broth, salsa and corn. Bring to boil; simmer on medium-low heat 15 min.

SERVE topped with cheese and tortilla strips.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Is It Thursday Already?!

  • Let's see...last week the microwave died. This week Maggie's car died. What is going on??

  • Watched 'Up' last night. It was really cute!

  • Got my hair cut today.

  • Going shopping Saturday! Woohoo! Maybe I'll get some Christmas shopping done.

  • I tried duck for the first time yesterday...hmmm...not a fan.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Playin' Around

My computer has been giving me alot of problems recently, so I put all my files on an external hard drive and restored it back to the factory settings. It works great now!

So, with the restoration came free trials of different programs, one of which was photo shop. I've been playing around with it the past few days. It's so much fun! Here's a couple of pics I've done.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

  • You don't realize how much you use a microwave until you don't have one (ours died yesterday!).
  • I found some cute fall cookie cutters today at Walmart for $0.75! It was a set of 3, regular $3.00. I'm all about clearance items! Whenever I go clothes shopping, that's the first place I go...the clearance rack!
  • Lilly was telling me last night that if there's a day that her mom or dad aren't there to pick her up from school, she's going to ride her bike home cuz she knows the way. :o) Keep in mind she's only 4 and it's probably a 10 minute car ride from the church to her house. That kid cracks me up!
  • Tomorrow's the last night for Bible Institute - Medieval Church History.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Hallelujah Chorus

This is hilarious! Maybe our choir should do this the
next time we attempt singing the Hallelujah Chorus. ;o)

Thursday, October 29, 2009

I've decided that in an effort to do a post AT LEAST once a week, I'll start having Thursday randomness. Here it goes...
  • Last night finished up our Missions Month. It was a blessing to be able to hear from all of the different evangelists. Our theme was "For whom nothing is prepared," taken out of Nehemiah 8:10.
  • School has been fun with Lilly. She's full of energy, and is always saying things to make me laugh. :o) Today I had her draw some things that she likes. I gave her some examples, one of which was making cakes. When she showed me her drawings, she had..."I like making cakes and shoveling." I found it rather amusing. Oh, she also said Psalm 23 today without any help!
  • I can hear the mexican jumping beans clicking in their box. They bring back memories to a time when we were on our way home and stopped at 7-11 for gas. My dad went in to pay and came out with the beans for us kids. They're pretty entertaining!
  • Dessert tonight was yummy!
  • Fall is slowly slipping away. :(

Thursday, October 22, 2009

A Mistake? I Think Not!

The other night the Lord laid our neighbor on my heart. I began to pray for this elderly couple and felt as if I should go visit them in another attempt to be a witness. When would I go? Do I just randomly show up on their doorstep? How would I do it? We hardly ever talk to them. There have been a few exchanges over the years, but not much more than that. Living in a rural area, you have to make it a point to go and talk to your neighbors. The only time you really see each other is when your coming and going, and even then you usually just wave.

When I was on my way home from work today I was feeling burdened for them. I began asking the Lord to show me when and how He wanted me to be a witness, and asking for boldness when that time came.

My skirt from Cabela's was scheduled to come today. You may be thinking, "What does that have to do with your neighbors?" Keep reading.

I get home and check my tracking to see where the package was and it said that it had been delivered and left at the front door. I looked all over the place and it was nowhere to be found. Where on earth could it be? Did the dog get ahold of it? He usually leaves packages alone. Did Josh get it? No. Hmmmmm....this never happens.

I called UPS. They called the driver and it turns out that he took it to the wrong house. Which house did they take it to? You guessed it! The neighbors the Lord had laid on my heart! So, needless to say I took the opportunity the Lord gave. What an awesome way for the Lord to open up that door of opportunity. We just need to be willing and ready to be used of Him! Hopefully we'll be able to continue to be a witness to this couple and see them come to the saving knowledge of Christ!

Do you know Christ? If not, I hope you'll take the time to visit at least one of the website links on the side of my blog.

(By the way, I love my skirt!)

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Thursday Randomness

  • Today was picture day at school.
  • I don't feel like I got much accomplished in the office.
  • I got a skirt from Cabela's for $10!
  • We cleaned the church tonight.
  • I've been baking cookies for the past 2 hours.
  • I'm drinking Tea Forte - Earl Gray.
  • It's raining.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Check out the new post on AKcreations.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

When It's Quiet...

you better go check things out!

I was getting ready to head back to work when I realized that Violet was very quiet. Better find her and see what she's up to. We found her in Maggie's room doing her makeup! I'm not sure her parents are ready for her to grow up that quickly! :)

Here's what her makeup job looked like!

One night while they were here I was singing the B-I-B-L-E to her. It's amazing how fast kids pick up on things. The next morning and many days afterwards she would starting singing it. Although not the same as what I was singing, her version was so cute!

The B-I-B-L-E according to Violet: Biboo, Biboo, Biboo...Biboo, Biboo, Biboo.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Now That's Tacky

Last weekend the SPG's (Singles Pleasing God) had a tacky party. It was hilarious to see everyone in their tacky clothes and eat the tacky food they brought. We even had tacky decorations. It was great fun! Something I would definitely do again. :) Here's what we wore:

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Some of my favorite seasonal things!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

What Day Is It?

This week has been a busy one! We have been privileged to have Dr. Pat Briney, former evolutionist/atheist, with us speaking on the subject of creation vs. evolution and how we can use creation in our witness. Sunday kicked off the week with 'Friend Day' (we had 60+ visitors!!!). Mon & Tues we had Bible Institute, and then Wed - Fri we had/are having our Genesis Revival. It's been so much information, but VERY good! It gives you so much more confidence about speaking on the subject (eg...we have science on our side!) On Saturday, we're holding a Creation Rally in a town about an hour away as part of our Highway 20 Outreach. Hopefully there will be a good turnout!

Anyways, weeks like this tend to get me all mixed up. I was just commenting on how tomorrow does not feel like Friday, but then I'm not sure what day it feels like it should be. :o)

Thursday, September 10, 2009


Whenever I think of fall, that's what I think of...cozy. I love fall. I don't know that there's a season that I don't like. I enjoy different things about them all. Whenever one season comes to an end and there are signs of the upcoming season, it makes me giddy! I remember walking outside at the beginning of summer and feeling giddy at the thought of winter/spring passing and enjoying sunshine! I experienced the same giddy feeling the other night when I walked outside and realized it was getting darker sooner. Fall is coming!
What I love about fall:
  • The clothes you get to wear (e.g. sweaters, scarves, etc.)
  • Pumpkin flavored things...Mmmmm!
  • The colors that the trees and plants have to offer.

I'm sure there are more, but those are the three that came to mind immediately. What do you love about fall?

On a separate note, I'm back from MO. Everything went well, and it was nice to see Amy again and spend time with her. The wedding was beautiful! I'll see about getting some pictures posted in the near future.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Back to School

It's almost here. School starts in just over a week, although my class won't start until the following week since I'll be going to MO for Amy's wedding.

The past week has found me preparing for the upcoming school year. I'll have two little girls to teach this year. I've decided to try and teach the girls sign language. We'll start with the alphabet and go from there. I'm excited about it, hopefully they will be too! Here's a picture of some flash cards I found online that I've put up in the classroom.


Last weekend we left the island for Dustin & Ashley's wedding. It was nice to see family again, as always. Alyssa & I had the privilege of making the cake. Hopefully we'll have a post up soon about that on AKcreations.

It was nice to spend some extra time with Jason, Sierra and the kids (and Walker too!) since they came back home with us! Those kids are SO cute!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

25 years ago...

My parents got married.
Happy Anniversary! I love you both very much!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Playing Dress-Up

Most of us have done it...we've dressed up our animals. Whether it was clothes made especially for them, baby doll clothes, or our clothes, most of us can probably say we're guilty of doing it and found it rather amusing.
The other day Josh decided that he was going to put his jacket on our dog, Max. Max was unable to see at times, which adds to the humor...yet you'll notice that his tail is wagging the entire time. He doesn't mind a bit! Funny stuff!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

What a week!

As usual, things have been pretty busy around here. Last weekend my cousin got married. Us girls were able to head over early to help with decorations. The ceremony was outside at a country club and then we had dinner in the ball room. I wish I had more pictures, because it was beautiful. The cake was really pretty too! :o)

The next day we went and saw Snoqualmie Falls. It was really neat. I would have liked to get closer. Maybe next time.

Monday I turned another year older in the Lord. At the age of 4 I supposedly made a profession of faith, but the only thing I remember is being excited about getting baptized. For 12 years I based my salvation on the fact that my parents told me I got saved. I would have doubts, but just pushed them aside. After a missions trip to Mexico, I was really burdened that I needed to get saved. So after talking with my youth pastor and his wife, I came before the Lord and asked Him to save me, and guess what? HE DID! That was 6 years ago. Ever since then the Lord has been working in my life, molding me and making me more like Him. God is good!

Monday was also a day that the staff took off early and went to a baseball game! It was really hot, but it was so much fun! I've been to see the Mariner's several times, but never sat that close (10th row from the field), so that was pretty exciting for me. Unfortunately, the M's lost horribly...but we still had fun. For example: Katie brought a fan with her. We would fan ourselves at the same time the ball was being pitched and then check the MPH sign. I was able to fan myself at 91mph, but then Katie beat me with 92 mph! Good times!

Today brought alot of excitement as well! For those who didn't know, Carolyn and Nicki went skydiving. It was a beautiful day for it and they had a blast. They both got videos of it, which turned out great! I've always been against it. Why would I through myself out of a perfectly good plane? I've always said that the only time I would do it is if my life depends on it. But....after today I'm beginning to rethink it. No promises. I'm thinking about it. :o) Carolyn should be putting a post up within the next day or two so be sure to watch for it.

I hope you all had a great week!

I forgot to mention that it's been a very warm week for us. It's been in the late 80's early 90's which is pretty rare for us. Hardly anyone has AC so it makes for some miserable people. :) I'm just thankful that we usually don't have humidity on top of the heat.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A Wedding & A Funeral

This past week I was away at our Summer Camp. I had the older girls in my cabin and had so much fun with them. It was a great week with plenty of games, fun in the snow, hikes, fellowship, and awesome preaching!
Now you're probably wondering what that has to do with a wedding and a funeral. While I was away, my goldfish got married! I got him about a year ago for my Kindergarten class and when school let out I brought him over to the office. Mrs. S. (fellow secretary) couldn't help herself and purchased another goldfish and put it in the bowl. When I saw Vivo and his wife I couldn't help but laugh, I thought it was absolutely hilarious!
As you may notice in the picture, their water was a bit murky. So, I decided yesterday that it was time to clean the bowl. Unfortunately, Vivo's wife couldn't handle her clean home and didn't make it through the night. :( I performed the ceremony and sent her to her watery grave...may she rest in peace. The whole office was grieving this loss greatly and suffered through frozen mochas as we mourned her departure.
Vivo (left) & his bride!

Typical Vivo...always staring!

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