Wednesday, September 25, 2013


Fall is here! It's time to start breaking out the sweaters and scarves; time to start making soups and all things pumpkin flavored!

I love fall! It's my favorite season, but I also love different aspects of others seasons as well. The newness of each season brings excitement and anticipation for everything it has to offer. 

Spring has a special newness about it as everything seems to come back to life after hibernation through winter. Flowers are blooming, trees budding, and gardens begin sprouting evidence of harvest. Summer brings vacations and family reunions that are much anticipated. Days spent soaking up the sun in flip flops (or barefoot!) and sunglasses while the kids are playing in the kiddie pool are wonderful! 

Fall comes almost overnight (at least this year it did!). All of a sudden there's a chill in the air, and leaves are changing into glorious shades of red, yellow and orange! Before you know it snow is falling and winter has arrived. Snowmen are built, Christmas trees are decorated, and there's a calmness surrounding the beauty of the snow covered hills. I just love the changing of the seasons. God has it planned so well, doesn't He? The seasons seem to change at just the right time.

As I reflect on a God's perfect timing with the seasons of weather, I can't help but think about His timing in the seasons of life. We all go through times of anticipating what's coming next whether it's finishing school, getting married, having children, or even retiring! 

Sometimes we can get impatient and want to hurry through and get to the next phase in life, but if we understand Who is in control we can begin to relax and enjoy the season we're going through. If I find myself becoming impatient I have to remind myself that God's timing is perfect and it will be beautiful in HIS time, not mine. Ecclesiastes 3:11a - "He hath made every thing beautiful in his time:" 

I don't know about you, but I don't want to have any regrets of wasting this season I'm in. God has me here for a reason and I want to bring Him glory and honor while I'm here. Let's slow down and cherish the seasons we're in. Even if it's not your favorite; look for the beauty!
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