Thursday, November 19, 2009

Today's Trial Is Tomorrow's Testimony

I saw this quote here and really liked it.

It sure seems like our family has been going through a lot of trials lately. Everything seems to happen at the same time, and it can get overwhelming and discouraging. Look for the testimony through that trial and it will bless you!

Trial: Several of us have been sick.
Testimony: We're almost back to full health again!

Trial: The microwave died.
Testimony: Someone had an extra that they gave to us FREE!

Trial: Maggie's engine went out on her car.
Testimony: My dad found an engine 1/2 the price she originally thought she would have to pay.

Trial: My dad's engine went out on his truck.
Testimony: The Lord provided a small commuter car a while back, so he has a car until he can get his truck fixed.

Isn't God good?!

I will bless the LORD at all times:
his praise shall continually be in my mouth.

Psalm 34:1


  1. Amen! Glad to hear that things are getting back to normal.

  2. Amen! Got another one to add to the list.

    Trial: You're dad got into a car accident not too long ago.

    Testimony: You'd could never tell it. He's still serving the Lord as he always was.

  3. That's right! My dad was working under a car at work and a leg on the lift broke. The suburban came down and hit my dad in the head. It could have been fatal, but God was definitely watching out! Praise God for His watchcare over His children!!!

  4. Great post! I love how you see God working in you and your families life. Praise the Lord!


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