Friday, November 9, 2012

Our Best Kept Secret

Tucked away in a little corner of town in the best thrift store. It's run by the senior citizens of the community, and on any given day you go in you might find the ladies talking about how they think a certain gentleman might have a crush on them or the men are playing a game of pool. :) They have the greatest prices and lots of treasures waiting to go home with you!

On my first visit there I found this J. Crew skirt for 50 cents! It's brown corduroy and perfect!

The other day I was able to go again and look what I found!

25 cents ... I plan on giving this a coat of paint

50 cents ... this is going to get some paint too. I've seen painted baskets on Pinterest (go figure!) and love how they look! Now to figure out what color!

25 cents ... I have big plans for this wreath form.

1 dollar ... I couldn't pass up this milk bottle. I thought it was so cool! It's currently sitting on my dresser acting as a vase with some mums in it.

50 cents ... these mini ornaments will be adorning my Christmas wreath

2 dollars ... their clothes can be really hit and miss, but I saw this dress and loved it! Can't wait to wear it!

All of this for $4.50! Needless to say, I was pretty excited about it. :)

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