Tuesday, February 25, 2014

365 Days of Thanks // Weeks 6,7,8

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**Obviously I'm a little behind posting these. I haven't been feeling well for the past several weeks and have been lacking motivation to post, but I have been continuing to reflect daily on what I'm thankful for even though it's taken longer to get it on the blog. Here's an update to catch us up!**

2.5.14 - A fireplace to heat things up on a cold night. 
2.6.14 - Saving money by switching to a different phone plan!
2.7.14 - In-home washer and dryer. 
2.8.14 - That God knows what my future holds, and it's better than I could ever plan for myself. 
2.9.14 - Receiving Benjamin Everson's new CD as a gift. 
2.10.14 - A supportive family. 
2.11.14 - The time we had with Jonathan - it was Maggie's last day watching him.
2.12.14 - Being able to go to church and for everyone who rallied together to help me decorate for the Valentines Banquet. 
2.13.14 - That God loves me and never fails, even though I fail Him all the time. 
2.14.14 - Modern medicine. 
2.15.14 - Massage chairs. 
2.16.14 - The missions house at church that we're able to spend Sunday afternoons in since we live 30 minutes away. 
2.17.14 - For feeling pretty good most of the day!
2.18.14 - Mom and Maggie's safety traveling. 
2.19.14 - A message on faith - just what I needed!
2.20.14 - Answered prayer - even when the outcome isn't what I expected. 
2.21.14 - Sticker books that hold the kids' attention for a while. :)
2.22.14 - Days of rest. 
2.23.14 - Naps. 
2.24.14 - Easy Mondays. 
2.25.14 - Increased energy

What are you thankful for?

"I will give thee thanks in the great congregation: I will praise thee among much people."
Psalm 35:18

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