Friday, January 16, 2009

El Libro Numero Uno (Book Number One)

Did I say that right? It's been so long. :) Even though I'm not married, this (The 5 Love Languages) was a really good read. A special thanks Carolyn for buying it for me for Christmas! So that's my first book on my list. I'm currently in the middle/at the end of several books! Some of which were started quite some time ago! So, I'm trying to finish them along with some new reads.
One more thing...when I read a new book, I'll try to remember to make it a link to Amazon or some other place so you can see it or even purchase it for yourself. I know, I thoughtful of me. :0)


  1. You said it right. Now that you're done we'll have to talk about it. I'm glad that you liked it:)

  2. You definitely have a gift if you can read more than one book at a time. Reading can be very relaxing and is something I have tried to do more of.


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