Thursday, March 5, 2009

It's A Busy Life

Some of you probably kept looking at my last post and said to yourself, "I thought she was going to keep up with her blog?" As my title says, things have been busy and when I have a moments rest I don't want to blog. Also, there were several weeks when all that I did was centered on the Sweetheart Banquet and obviously I couldn't divulge all the secrets about that because who knows whose reading this!
My life since my last blog:
  • Trying to get my room back together. We had our carpet replaced in September(?) and my room has still yet to get back to normal. I took on the task of repainting my dresser (with my dad's help). I got a new nightstand that doubles as a filecabinet. It's really nice! And I'm still in the frustrating process of getting a bookshelf from Target. I'll tell that story another time along with pictures once everything is done.
  • Sweetheart Banquet - I seem to have misplaced the CD with pictures on it. As soon as I find it or get my hands on some pictures I'll do a post on it.
  • Bible Institute - Biblical Discipleship
  • My computer at work broke down. That was a real set back. Although it was nice in the long run getting '07 and '09 programs!
  • House sitting and watching two dogs that wanted to share their hair with everything I owned. How thoughtful! I'm still finding dog hair on my stuff.
  • I turned another year older. Woo hoo! It's kinda weird when you realize that you're the same age your mom was when she was pregnant with you.
  • Oh, and I've been working on a wonderful piano piece for our Patch-the-Pirate Club...Look to the Ants. It's 'The Ants Go Marching' plus some new lyrics.

Heard enough excuses? LOL...I sure have.

I've continued working on my book list. You'll see that one more has been added (Before You Meet Prince Charming). That was a really good book! I highly recommend it to any single young ladies.


  1. I was wondering if you were ever coming back. You really did a great job with the Sweetheart's Banquet, I can't wait to see what pictures you have.

  2. Good job with the song last night. Boom, de boom, boom, boom. . . see I have it stuck in my head! LOL. See ya later.


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