Saturday, April 25, 2009

Happy Holland Happenings!

It's that time again...Holland Happenings. Our town was founded by the Dutch so during the spring there's a weekend dedicated to celebrating. If you happen to be here during such a weekend, you'll find that the traffic is exceptionally crazy on Friday because the streets downtown have been closed in order for booths to be setup. You can spend your Saturday strolling the streets of downtown OH looking at all the various booths, you can try to find a spot to watch the parade and you can go to the carnival if you want.

If you were to follow me around this weekend here's what you would find:


After work, I hurried home to pick up my mom and the few things that I would need for the evening. We then went to go pick up Sandi, managed to park close enough (shh...don't tell anyone I ignored 'closed road' signs...Sherri told me to!) to the Candy Bouquet to pick up not only a candy bouquet but 31 balloons. After stopping at the bank and then Albertsons to pick up a previously ordered cake, we made our way to El Cazador. Hmmm...can you guess what may have been going on? Perhaps a party?! Why, yes! What a good guess! In fact, it was a surprise party for none other than Carolyn in honor of her 30th birthday. Many ladies gathered for the occasion and we had a wonderful time of surprising Carolyn, fellowshipping and giving her the present we all pitched in for...a skydiving trip! Much thanks to Sandi who reminded us that Carolyn's birthday was coming up quickly, Sherri who helped with all the party planning and got the birthday girl to the party, as well as to all who came! The evening was a success!!


I slept in! Then we made our way down town, tried to find a parking spot (which is VERY difficult if you don't want to walk a ways) and then passed out special Holland Happening church invitations. After walking around a bit and visiting a couple booths, Nicki and I went to Albertsons to pick up some stuff for the SPG meeting. We got to Tim & Katie's and I made the best thing in the world...GUACAMOLE! I love guacamole. I could eat it forever. Tim braved the grill and cooked us some brats and then after everyone ate we all went down to the beach and some played while others golfed. It was fun!

My post would not be complete without showing you what our plants look like. We have a jungle growing in our kitchen. We hope to get them transplanted Monday.


  1. Looks like everyone had a great time this weekend. :)

  2. Can you send me copies of the pics you took on Friday?

  3. Great write up Kali! With your pics and mine, Carolyn should have a complete picture of all that went down. Thanks again for making all this possible!

    By the way, love your plant material. I can't believe how fast they are growing. I bet once you put them in the ground they are really going to take off.

  4. Hey did you get these little guys planted into the ground yet?

  5. Yes. I've been meaning to post pictures. Soon! Maybe even today!


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