Saturday, August 1, 2009

What a week!

As usual, things have been pretty busy around here. Last weekend my cousin got married. Us girls were able to head over early to help with decorations. The ceremony was outside at a country club and then we had dinner in the ball room. I wish I had more pictures, because it was beautiful. The cake was really pretty too! :o)

The next day we went and saw Snoqualmie Falls. It was really neat. I would have liked to get closer. Maybe next time.

Monday I turned another year older in the Lord. At the age of 4 I supposedly made a profession of faith, but the only thing I remember is being excited about getting baptized. For 12 years I based my salvation on the fact that my parents told me I got saved. I would have doubts, but just pushed them aside. After a missions trip to Mexico, I was really burdened that I needed to get saved. So after talking with my youth pastor and his wife, I came before the Lord and asked Him to save me, and guess what? HE DID! That was 6 years ago. Ever since then the Lord has been working in my life, molding me and making me more like Him. God is good!

Monday was also a day that the staff took off early and went to a baseball game! It was really hot, but it was so much fun! I've been to see the Mariner's several times, but never sat that close (10th row from the field), so that was pretty exciting for me. Unfortunately, the M's lost horribly...but we still had fun. For example: Katie brought a fan with her. We would fan ourselves at the same time the ball was being pitched and then check the MPH sign. I was able to fan myself at 91mph, but then Katie beat me with 92 mph! Good times!

Today brought alot of excitement as well! For those who didn't know, Carolyn and Nicki went skydiving. It was a beautiful day for it and they had a blast. They both got videos of it, which turned out great! I've always been against it. Why would I through myself out of a perfectly good plane? I've always said that the only time I would do it is if my life depends on it. But....after today I'm beginning to rethink it. No promises. I'm thinking about it. :o) Carolyn should be putting a post up within the next day or two so be sure to watch for it.

I hope you all had a great week!

I forgot to mention that it's been a very warm week for us. It's been in the late 80's early 90's which is pretty rare for us. Hardly anyone has AC so it makes for some miserable people. :) I'm just thankful that we usually don't have humidity on top of the heat.


  1. Sitting that close at a baseball game is so much fun! I got to do it a couple times, with other peoples generosity of course:) Were you on the base line?

  2. We were in the right field with Ichiro!

  3. Great testimony! Happy Spiritual Birthday.

  4. Good post, Kali. Looks like you guys are keeping things fun ;-)

    How was Ken Griffey?? It's been a while...

  5. Griffey...nothing special happened.

  6. What great pics! I really enjoyed your blog and testimony - as well as the quote at the top of your blog. I think I might have to use it for my new blog just started today! :)


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