Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A Wedding & A Funeral

This past week I was away at our Summer Camp. I had the older girls in my cabin and had so much fun with them. It was a great week with plenty of games, fun in the snow, hikes, fellowship, and awesome preaching!
Now you're probably wondering what that has to do with a wedding and a funeral. While I was away, my goldfish got married! I got him about a year ago for my Kindergarten class and when school let out I brought him over to the office. Mrs. S. (fellow secretary) couldn't help herself and purchased another goldfish and put it in the bowl. When I saw Vivo and his wife I couldn't help but laugh, I thought it was absolutely hilarious!
As you may notice in the picture, their water was a bit murky. So, I decided yesterday that it was time to clean the bowl. Unfortunately, Vivo's wife couldn't handle her clean home and didn't make it through the night. :( I performed the ceremony and sent her to her watery grave...may she rest in peace. The whole office was grieving this loss greatly and suffered through frozen mochas as we mourned her departure.
Vivo (left) & his bride!

Typical Vivo...always staring!


  1. Cute layout.

    Poor Vivo:( Maybe he's just called to be a permanant single, Swimmer Pleasing God;) We should make him our mascot, LOL

  2. Swimmer Pleasing God...I LOVE IT! Haha!!

  3. Ha ha!! My mom is telling me the story right now on the phone :)

  4. I'm sure the frozen mocha's helped you get through the moment. Sorry for your loss.

  5. Sorry to hear of the loss of Vivo's beloved wife. May she rest in peace.

    Love & Hugs


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