Saturday, March 26, 2011


For the first few days, Charlie & Gauge were very nervous about the stairs. Here's a picture of us trying to trick them into coming down. :) Unfortunately it didn't work.

However, on Monday they finally decided to try them out. It was hilarious watching them go down. They were slow and very careful about looked so awkward. Now they just run up and down. They often run down the first flight and stop waiting for you to come down and trip over them. :) Speaking of tripping, it seems that they're always at your feet. They like to follow you wherever you go and are constantly moving back and forth. At times I've had to hold onto the wall just to stay up!

We've been spraying them with a water/vinegar solution to teach them that certain things are not ok...such as jumping on the french doors that lead to the deck. We'll put them out on the deck and they'll jump up on the doors only to be greeted by a spray.  Charlie does not like being sprayed...Gauge could care less. :) On Thursday, one of them was jumping up and I was trying to quickly get to the door, open it and spray the culprit. In my haste I whacked my forehead with the door! It hurt really bad and I had a goose egg for a bit! LOL Thankfully even though it felt bruised, it only left a minor red mark. 

We take them out to the bathroom separately and the other is almost always waiting at the door for their brother to come back. It's so cute!

If one has a toy, the other wants it. They're usually chewing on or fighting over the same toy. They even try to get the treat out of the others mouth when being rewarded for something. It's hilarious!

Charlie snores (I'm not sure if Gauge does or not) and has had the hiccups just about once a day!

They're so much fun! They're definitely a handful and quite frustrating at times, but I love them despite how many times they've gone to the bathroom in the house!


  1. Look at their cute little heads cocked. Awwww....!

  2. They are so adorable! Just like brothers. haha. That's probably a smart thing to take them out separately. Who knows what those two little fellas could come up with if together outside. :-) Can't wait to meet them in person!

  3. Alyssa-we started taking them out at the same time, but quickly realized they were just going to play instead of doing their business. :)

  4. Speaking of meeting them in person, when does the pass open? I am dying to get over there!

  5. They're saying it may be the latest spring opening in 20 years. They won't be going back to clear it until early-mid April. So it'll be another month at least. :(

  6. Ah, I miss the puppy stage...although Beatrice still acts mainly like a puppy even at 2 1/2 and 85lbs :o)


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