Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A Sneak Peek: Wednesday

Today was a beautiful day! It was almost 70 degrees! It was so nice to be able to go outside and not need a jacket. It was a bit windy, but it's a warm wind unlike the bitter wind that comes off the ocean on Whidbey.

Gauge stayed at the vet overnight, so he was picked up this morning. He was SO happy to be home. He was fixed, had his dew claws removed, plus the normal shots. Aside from the bandages on his legs, you wouldn't even know he had been through all of that. He's as hyper and active as ever!

Yep! That's painting tape keeping his bandages on...haha!

Let's see...I cleaned my room, worked with the dogs on some different commands like, sit & stay. They've got 'sit' down for the most part...but 'stay' has been a bit challenging!

I got a book from the library the mail! When you request a book online you have the option to have it sent to your home. How neat is that? In came in this nifty bag that you send the book back in when you're of charge. 

Now I'm off to watch Tangled and have some Peach Crisp. Mmmmm....


  1. Tangled was SUCH a cute movie! We watched it last night. It's pretty high up on my list now. :-)

    I am so jealous of your nice weather. It raaaaaiinneeed alllllll day here on Whidbey.

  2. Yeah, I thought it was really cute too!


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