Monday, June 20, 2011

My How Time Flies!

I can't believe June is already half way over! It seems that we've been so busy. This week is another "Sneak Peek Week", but before I start that I want to post some pictures from the first half of the month!

Braxton loves to push the vacuum around.

Checking things out

Time to take a break and text some friends :)

Grandma W came for a visit!

Trying a s'mores for the first time!

We made a quick trip to Oak Harbor =)

Enduring the cold wind at City Beach

The *BEST* coffee ever!!!

We had lunch with Nicki for her birthday

Stopping to smell the roses...or in this case...pansies. =)

Did some fishing

Deb and the kids came to visit! Unfortunately I didn't get any pics of the kids...sorry Selma and James!

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