Saturday, October 29, 2011


Remember as a child how much fun it was to get a new toy? I'm reliving that excitement right now, because I got a new 'toy' yesterday!

For quite some time now I've been wanting to get a new phone...a smart phone to be exact. I decided to do the responsible thing and wait as long as possible since my phone was still working fine and I didn't have a steady income yet. Even when my phone started acting up I used my sister's phone instead. I had my eye on a phone and I was just biding my time until I could upgrade to it.

Well, yesterday was the big day! The phone I had was starting to wig out, I had an upgrade available, and I have a steady income now. I knew the phone I wanted was priced at $80 the last time I looked, and while I had hoped it would have gone down in price during my waiting time it didn't seem that way since it was being priced at $100 online. I felt kinda guilty about paying that much, but I knew I had been waiting and that it was a phone I would be really happy with. So into the store I went prepared to pay the price. The model didn't have a price tag on it but I knew I wanted it anyways...I figured it couldn't have gone up in price. We started the upgrade process and then the salesman printed off the contract paperwork. I was searching the upside down paperwork for a price, and there it was ... $18.88!!! I couldn't believe it! I asked the guy if that was right and he confirmed it was. I was elated and after explaining to the sales people that I had come in expecting to pay alot more, they told me that the price had just gone down THAT DAY!

Isn't God good? I just love it when He blesses us in the seemingly small things in life!

So, here it new toy! It's a Motorola ATRIX and is so cool!  I'm constantly finding new things that I like about it...just ask my family. Haha! The best feature? Camera on the front and back! Hello video chat! My one complaint? No Pinterest app. I suppose I'll live...;)


  1. Yay, fun! PTL! He is so good to us.

  2. Yay! That sounds fun! Now I need to get some type of device so I can video-chat WITH you. :)

  3. ooooh there is a pintrest app, maybe i could get a smart phone if that was the case. anyway, cool looking phone, can't wait to see it next weekend.

  4. I'm sure it won't be long before they have a Pinterest app for the android system.

  5. that is SOO awesome.

    i have been craving an iphone as of late. though i can hardly justify the purchase. boo. :(



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