Friday, November 18, 2011

Flakes & Quakes

I'm sitting downstairs. The fire is burning hot and snowflakes are gently falling from the sky. It's been snowing off and on since Wednesday, and I love it! As much as I love fall (which was very short this year), I just love to look out and see everything blanketed in snowy white. Especially since our house is sitting on a hill overlooking Okanogan. It's so beautiful. 

I've taken Braxton out to play for a little bit each day. He likes being out there, but he's not quite sure what to think about the snow. He has tried to get it off his gloves and shoes while exclaiming, Yuck! or Ewww! =) I've tried to tell him it's cool and even throw it at him (gently of course) but he's still not completely convinced. 


This morning we woke up at 5 am to the house shaking like crazy and a loud rumble. I personally didn't notice the shaking, but I did wake up from the rumble and in my half-asleep/half-awake state couldn't quite figure out what it was. Charlie started barking like crazy and then Josh came in and said I think we just had an earthquake. Sure reports said it was 4.0-4.6 magnitude (depends on where you read) with the epicenter being just 7 miles from us! Crazy!


Finally, while it has nothing to do with flakes or quakes, I just have to share something Braxton did today! We always pray with him before meals and lately he has started saying 'Amen', usually when asked to. This evening he took a bite of cookie, put it down and then put his hands up to his eyes and was saying 'pray'. I took us a minute before we realized what he was saying, but when we did I prayed and then he said 'Amen.' A little bit later Maggie asked him if he needed to pray. He said 'yes' and then I told him to pray so he closed his eyes for a couple of seconds and then said 'Amen'. It was SO cute! Love that kid!

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