Thursday, January 12, 2012


This past week, Maggie and I had the opportunity to go visit a fellow blogger! We've gotten to know Rebecca through blogging, Skype and even talking on the phone. We had talked about how it would be fun to actually meet someday, and probably a month ago Maggie and I decided to just see how much it would cost to fly out there. To our delight we found great tickets and decided to go for it! 

We had such a great time of fun and sweet fellowship with Rebecca and her family! THANK YOU for having us!! 

We got to spend a day in Chicago!

On the train back to Indiana

We went to Michigan and got to see Lake Michigan, which looked more like an ocean!

On Sunday, we got to ride on Rebecca's bus route as they took the kids home. 
We also go to meet another blogger on Sunday...Nicole!

The college was having a volleyball marathon while we were there. That was fun to watch!

Sarah & I watching volleyball

On our way home we had a layover in Denver, so we got to see the Rocky Mountains...very cool!

Be sure to go to Maggie's blog and Rebecca's blog to see their post about our visit.


  1. I love the shadow picture on the beach. :)

  2. It was great to meet another set of bloggers! I wish that I could have spent some time with ya - Glad you enjoyed Indiana!


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