Sunday, January 22, 2012


After my 25 days of Christmas posts, I feel like my blog is very neglected!

We finally got snow! Well, we've had some snow here and there, but now we *really* have snow! We got probably 6-8 inches on Wednesday and it's been snowing off and on since then with more snow in the forecast. It's been snowing pretty good most of the day today and the evening church service has been cancelled because of it. It's a hassle for travelling, but it sure it pretty to look at!

Monday was eventful...I had Braxton and we were having a great time together. We were "talking" on the phone to each other, he was playing with a baby doll pretending that it was Lizzie (whom he calls Zizzie) was so cute he would hold her and pat her, put her in the high chair and pretend to feed her, take her to go potty...hilarious! And then it happened...we were walking out of my parents' room and one of the dogs ran past Braxton knocking him over. He fell right in the corner of the wall and split open his eyebrow. Talk about feeling horrible! I took him to the ER and met his mom there. The little guy did so good while they glued it together and has been doing really well despite having a black eye and his eye being almost swollen shut one day. I know accidents happen, but I really hope that I never have to deal with anything like that again. 

I made some homemade flour tortillas last night, and they were SO good! Soooo much better than store bought. Josh was skeptical that I could do it and had some other tortillas on standby, but I'm happy to say he didn't need them. :)

Lastly, I'm working on a project that's been keeping me busy. I'm super excited about it and can't wait to share what it is! Be on the lookout sometime in February...oh the suspense! ;)


  1. My Kali ! You are teasing us !!:)
    You do such good work (and cooking too )Enjoy your snow. I am happy to be slowly getting rid of ours !
    I haven't left the house since Thurs. last week (10 days ) Maybe in a day or two !!I had 12"" first snow then 4more inches next day followed by 2more inches. It was beautiful to start with but getting not so pretty now.
    Love Ya
    G_ma W

  2. Aww, poor guy. :( Great job on the tortillas! What recipe did you use? Your hats are SO adorable, by the way! Too cute!


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