Thursday, July 2, 2009

Hwy 20 Update

About 3 years ago, the Lord gave our church a vision to start a new outreach along Highway 20. The goal of this new project was to evangelize 12 cities along the hwy in hopes of seeing a church (or churches) started. There has been a lot of work, time and finances put into this project, but the Lord has blessed our efforts. We have made many contacts and even seen some saved! The doors have been opening specifically in the Methow Valley area, so this is where we've been putting most of our effort. We are currently in the process of trying to get regular Bible Studies set up. Eventually, we'd like to have 2 families move over there, and like I said before, see these Bible Studies turn into a Church.
This past weekend, found 60 people from our church over in the Methow Valley ready to do more evangelizing. It was a great time of fellowship amongst the believers, and we were also blessed to have made many more contacts. In the past, we've focused on trying to get people to agree to do Bible Studies whether it be online or with someone. This time around, we tried to engage people in conversation. Trying to get them to think about things maybe they've never thought about before. Many were able to share the Gospel, sometimes to people who had never heard it before! The Rally went great, we had several visitors come out from the community, including 2 women we've been holding Bible Studies with. It was so encouraging to see them there, and exciting to be able to finally meet them!
All in all, it was a great weekend. Blessing were received, lessons were learned & the Gospel was spread about once again in the Methow Valley!

Excited about not riding on the bus!

Diablo Dam Just hanging around

Waiting for our turn at horseshoes...Brrr!

My lifesaver!

The 3 Stooges + Me ;) hehe


  1. Cool! I heard it was a good time. What's with my parents staying in a motel and not ruffing it with the rest of you? ha ha j/k

    thanks for posting pics!

  2. Lucy's fragile body can't handle the hard ground and she's too good for an air mattress. :0)

  3. Loved your pics and what a nice write up of the days events. PTL! He is soooooo good!

  4. What kind of contraption is the lifesaver?

  5. It's a bug repellent fan. It supposedly put a 'bubble' of bug repellent around you.

    I usually get eaten alive by mosquitoes, but I only got a couple of bites...meanwhile, every one else got eaten up. :)


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