Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Random Pictures

Maggie & I found these at Smarties!  They're at least the size of a quarter. :o)

My birthday...and then Nicki "blowing out my hair after she caught in on fire" with my *pink* zippo! [grin]

My morning...white chocolate mocha and a book.  (check out my's a magnet!)


  1. There are only a few smells in the world that are worse than burnt hair. The smell lingers for a while:(

  2. She didn't really burn my hair. She was pretending that she had, so we posed the picture. :)

  3. I love those monster weekend when we go we will have to stock up! Shhh...dont tell my food-a-holics anonomyous friends.....hehe

  4. I bought some monster Smarties the other night, just because I thought of you when I saw them:) So much fun!


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