Tuesday, April 27, 2010


You may remember back in December that I mentioned being inspired to make some decorated cookies.   Well I attempted for Ladies' Bible Study, but failed miserably.  I was ashamed to take my cookies!  I've since then given it another try with very pleasing results.   I've done it a couple times now.  Each time it gets easier, and I learn new tricks and what not to do. =) 

Sugar Cookie Recipe
Icing Recipe - this is royal icing WITHOUT meringue powder!  Much cheaper!!


  1. Not only were your cookies beautiful to behold, but they were very yummy too! My only regret is a didn't snatch up another one! :)

  2. My GF versions went pretty fast over the following days...I have no self control:/

  3. Those look so yummy! Good looking food is just as important as good tasting... Hopefully I will get to experience some of your wonderful baking while I'm in WA this summer :o)

  4. Jackie,

    We'll have to make sure that happens. Looking forward to having you visit again!


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