Wednesday, April 7, 2010

My Bedroom

In this post, I mentioned putting my room back together after getting our carpet replaced and showing you pictures of it.  My room was finished not too long after said post, but I guess I was just lazy and never posted pictures. Now that I've been decluttering and packing, it seemed like the perfect time to take some pictures!  :o)

My dresser was white and took on the task of stripping it and painting it black.  Boy, was it a task!  Thankfully, my dad came to the rescue and helped me get it finished!  It's so nice with it's black paint and new silver hardware! I also bought a few new pieces of furniture which include the bookshelf (that I put together all by myself!! haha)  and a nightstand/file cabinet. 

You probably don't care, but I'll say it anyways. My comforter used to match the colors in the pictures...but unfortunately some of the seams on that comforter started ripping so I was "obligated" to buy a new one. :-)  I got this one at Macy's during my Black Friday shopping just so happens to be called Kali!


  1. It's like you and the comforter were meant for each other;)

  2. You have decorated your room very nicely Kali!


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