Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Sweetheart Banquet 2009

As promised, here's the first of several posts FINALLY giving you some pictures you never got to see.

As is becoming tradition, the SPG's (Singles Pleasing God) put on the Sweetheart Banquet for the married couples in the church in 2009.  You would think that doing something like that would be somewhat of a downer and a very obvious reminder of our single status, but it's actually very fun!  We enjoy ourselves very much, and trust the couples enjoy the evening we plan for them. 

The theme for 2009 in our church was Continue the Commitment and we were able to incorporate that theme into the Banquet.  We decided to go with a wedding theme (which was a perfect way to remind the couples to continue their commitment to one another), and set up the Fellowship Hall to give the ambience of a wedding ceremony/reception.  The tables were the 'pews' and there was even an aisle runner with flower petals!  (Also: Throughout the evening we had a PPT slideshow playing with all of the couples' wedding pictures and wedding date!  It was so much fun to look at!!)

A gift table for donations.
A wedding cake made by AKcreations.
Alyssa played wedding music throughout the evening.
Here's Levi practicing his solo - A Good & Perfect Gift by Abigail Miller
Joel, our parking lot attendant, wishes he was the wedding singer. *smile*
Chris & Josh were in charge of Valet Parking.
The Guest Book
Table Centerpieces
Our Guests
SPG Jeopardy
Vow Renewal
Marriage Certificate - We signed as witnesses :-)
The lovely group of SPGs
And just for fun...Alyssa & I after our cake was cut.

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  1. hey?! where are the pics of the awesome chefs in the back who made it all possible?!?! ;o)


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