Thursday, September 30, 2010

Fun with the Howers!

As you may have read on Maggie's blog, Alyssa and some of her family came to visit us on Monday!  It was so much fun to see them again and spend time together. 

(To spare everyone from reading the same stuff 3 times...I'll tell you about our adventures floating the river!)

The weather was so nice while they were here and we were sure to take advantage of it!  On Tuesday we had great intentions of floating the river, but it was not to be.  Once we got to the drop off point, the wind was picking up.  Wouldn't you know it was blowing in the WRONG direction!!  We were determined despite this, and got out on the water.  At first we were having complications with paddling the boat. Haha...teamwork wasn't so good!  So we tried different combinations of paddlers, but that didn't seem to make much of a difference.  =)  We didn't make it very far before we decided that it was going to be to difficult with the wind against us, so we turned around and headed back to shore with the intention of starting at a different spot further down the river.  Thankfully our ride hadn't left yet!!  As we got ready to leave, we found out it was just as windy further down the river, so we decided not to float after all.  Instead, we spent the afternoon at the lake, but you'll have to go to Alyssa's blog to read about that!

Ahhh...good times!  Looking forward to their next visit when they'll *hopefully* get to stay longer!

Alyssa and Maggie were 'chauffeuring' me around for a bit. :)

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