Monday, October 4, 2010

My Little Messenger

Brother Majors came over last night so he and my dad could begin watching the last Bible Institute class.  While us girls were upstairs we decided to finish watching Emma.  We had disc 2, but wanted to finish disc 1 first even though we've seen it many times over.  The only problem was disc one was downstairs with the guys and we were *ahem* in our pjs!

We started joking around about sending Max downstairs to retrieve the desired DVD, and I decided to try it out!

I put a bag around his neck with a note attached and sent him downstairs.  At first he tried to eat the note, so I moved the bag around so it was on his back.  He wouldn't go down the stairs all by I went with him down to the landing and a couple steps more just to get him going.  He went all the way down and turned into the office.  Wrong direction! :)  He quickly realized they weren't in there and went across to the family room this time partly carrying the bag in his mouth as shown by the pictures. Haha...I was cracking up!!!  He walked in and the guys were like, 'Hey Max what you got there?  Oh, it's a note...they want the DVD that was in the laptop.'  By this point I was dying!!  They put the DVD in the bag and sent Max back my way.  I had to call him, but he was more than happy to help. :)  He loves carrying stuff's so funny!!  I wish I had the whole thing on video, but oh well.  I did take pictures afterwards!

 "Please put Emma in the bag.  It was in the laptop."



  1. LOL...that was so funny..Max is our little messenger, such a good dog!

  2. LOL!!!!!! That's awesome!! I need to train my dog to do that!!!


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