Monday, February 28, 2011

A Sneak Peek: Monday

I supposed to go to work at 1 today, but got a call asking if I could come in earlier. No problem, means more hours, which means more money! The only thing was it meant my morning got cut short a couple hours. 

As of last week, Teresa and I are starting to work out together. She had been going to the Community Center, but after one visit there I was not comfortable going back.  So when the weather's not nice enough to take a walk, we'll be doing a video at my house.  I bought this new video by Leslie Sansone.  Have you heard of her before? She has videos for an indoor walking program.  I got the Fast & Firm! 4 Really Big Miles. The 1st mile is a 15 min warmup...Mile 2 is a 12 min mile...Mile 3 is a 10 min boosted walk mile...Mile 4 is a 15 min mile while using the firm band.  So far I really like it. You can do all 4 miles together, or pick which one(s) you want to do. Today, I only had about 10 minutes to workout but I wanted to do something, so I did Mile 3. It was great!

I worked today for 7 hours! It was a long day and quite frustrating at times. Let's just say I was glad to get home. :) Today I made pie crust, scone mix, apple pecan muffins, choc chip cookies & and washed dishes. Thankfully there were a couple of girls that came in to help out though, because there were ALOT of dishes.  Why? Saturday was the event that we catered for the Rocky Mountain Elks Foundation.  It went really well! There were 314 people and we were told by several people that it was the best food they had had at the event. Get this! Last year their caterer didn't show up and so they had to get food from KFC for 300+ people! Anyways, we washed dishes at the event, but needed to do it again because we ran out of soap. Whoops!  

That's about it for today. Happy Monday!


  1. That indoor walking thing looks really cool! And that's great that you and Teresa are able to do it together.

  2. Thank you Kali for your comment!
    I am so glad that I am not the only one that struggles with this every now and then. And you are definitely right! When we do feel down, we just have to look at what we've got and what the Lord is allowing us to do as single young women that we may not be able to do as married women.
    And I LOVE 1 Corinthians's like God put it in His Word just for young women feeling this way ;)
    Thanks again!
    In Christ,
    Erica Simpson


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