Saturday, July 23, 2011

All Packed...

I'm all packed.
The suburban is just about loaded.
We're finishing up the last few things around the house.

As soon as Maggie gets home from work we're hittin' the road, because we're going on vacation! Most of my mom's family is getting together in Oregon for a camping trip! (Unfortunately Josh has to stay home and!) We'll be gone Saturday to Saturday and camping 4 of those days. I'm so excited to see everyone again, and I can't wait to do some camping! Not counting church camp-outs, it's been 5 years since I went camping. It's been too long! I can't wait to wake up the smell of fresh air in the morning, relax and visit with family, go swimming/boating on the lake, sit around a campfire, etc. Can you tell I love camping?

So, I'm going to be off the radar for a week. I hope you all have a wonderful LAST week of July...can you believe it? 

I plan on taking lots of pictures, so be prepared for a recap of my trip when I get back. :)

PS - You may have already read about it on Maggie's blog, but please keep my dad in your prayers. We found out this week that he was at high risk for a heart attack. The Dr has put him on different meds to get things under control and we should find out results this week from a stress test he had yesterday.  Just in case you're concerned, the Dr knows all about our vacation and was ok with us going, and we're going to make sure he doesn't do ANYTHING but relax! 

"See" ya when I get back!

The family when we were in Idaho in March.


  1. Hope you have a wonderful relaxing time! Look forward to hearing about your trip and seeing pictures when you return. :)


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