Monday, July 4, 2011

A Sneak Peek

So...time has been flying by. Not only did I not finish my sneak peak week, but I'm almost 2 weeks late finishing it!

Deb went home. I had Braxton all day. My phone disappeared! We searched high and low looking for it to no avail. :(

Braxton all day. Looked for my phone, even went to the AT&T store and checked out my options. I wasn't due for an upgrade, and there was a good chance I'd get a free sim card to put in an old phone but there was a slight chance I'd have to pay $24 for one. I did not like that option! Praise the Lord I didn't need it, because Lilly and Steve were sitting out on the swing later that evening and found my phone hidden in the cushions!

We had a group from BBC come into town for a Prophecy Conference we held that weekend. It was so good to see everyone, which mainly consisted of PiTs (Preachers in Training) along with two PiTS (Preachers in Training Spouses :)).  We had everyone over for dinner that night, and just had a great time fellowshipping with each other. We also celebrated Olivia's 4th birthday!

Braxton all day. =) We had our first meeting and it went really well. We had 2(?) first time visitors! After the meeting we all came back to Omak and went to McDonalds for dinner at about 10:00pm. :) I'm sure the workers appreciated a big group of 20 or so people an hour before they were closing the dining room. :)

We went on outreach in Twisp & Winthrop. People went on Friday too, but this was my only chance to go since I had Braxton on Friday (thanks to my mom for staying home with Braxton on this day so I could go!). We split up into several groups and stood on street corners of busy intersections and passed out flyers to the meetings. We didn't have anyone who came as a result, but you never know what the future may hold. Just because they didn't come to these meetings doesn't mean they won't come to any future church meetings.

No new visitors this night, but the two that came the night before came back!

Samuel James Majors was born! He's such a cutie!

Normal church services, but with the morning service being the final message of the Prophecy Conference. We had 2 more new visitors! 

Maggie, Nicki & I made a "P.F. Chang's style dinner". Mongolian beef, chicken lettuce wraps, pork pot stickers. It was delicious! 

We got to meet Baby Samoo. :)

While Steve was here he taught Josh, Maggie & I how to play a game called 42. It's played with dominoes and is all about strategy! It was so hard to figure out at first, but I finally got the hang of it! Our first game (the one that I was completely clueless in!) Maggie & I won! After playing 3 more games we found ourselves tied with the guys 2-2. Sunday night we had a tiebreaker game, and I'm sad to say the guys won much to their enjoyment! We also played chicken foot and had a lot of laughs over that one! 

Well, that pretty much catches you up with things up until this weekend. I'll hopefully have a post up soon about our 4th of July weekend.

Oh and be sure to check out Maggie's blog...she's been recapping June with lots of pictures!

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  1. Amen for visitors! I've been praying for your church there and that visitors would come! prayer answered, now I hope they keep coming back :)


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