Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Happy 4th of July!

Nicki came over Saturday and we attempted to go to 4th of July festivities in a nearby town, but seemed to have missed everything. :(

Sunday afternoon we went to the Grand Coulee Dam

We toured the visitor center which was more like a mini museum about the dam

Waiting for the laser show while feasting on fair food :)

"The Colombia Basin Project"

The laser light show told the history behind the dam, and was projected directly onto the water.

4th of July dessert...Yum!

Chicken Foot! I'm happy to report that I won! =)

Sitting out on the deck this time of year necessitates a bug lamp!

Enjoying the warm night air and watching/listening to the neighborhood fireworks.

Charlie did pretty good with the loud noise...

but there were some that were too loud for his liking, so he'd run to the end of the porch and start barking. :)


  1. We saw a laser light show when we wen to the Crazy Horse Monument in North Dakota. Really neat!!!!

  2. That dessert looks awesome! Josh keeps talking about that chicken foot game, must be fun!


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