Saturday, December 17, 2011


Tonight we went to a nearby outdoor skating rink. I thought for sure there would be other people there, so it was quite a surprise when we pulled up and the rink was EMPTY! We had it all to ourselves the entire time we were there. It was SO nice! We had such a blast and definitely plan to do it again!

Josh was the first to fall! Haha
On the way there we were all voting on who we thought we would fall first. Josh got one vote, Dad one, and Mom three. Maggie and I didn't get any votes, and we were the only ones that didn't fall. :)

This is one of those activities that you wonder to yourself..."Why don't we do this more often??"

Couples skating :)

Family fun <3


  1. That looks like a blast!!! I remember the days that my family used to do that...only I was always the first to fall!!!


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