Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Because of Calvary

Maggie & I sang a special this past Sunday.

I've just recently picked my flute back up again. Unfortunately I'm kinda squeaky in the video, but the more I play the better it'll get. I'm really surprised how fast it's all coming back to me though...it's only the Lord! This was also the first time Maggie sang while playing the piano! =)

We also had another baptism! Meet Kimmie! We met her when BBC came over here this past summer for the campout/outreach.  She already had a testimony of salvation, and then this past Sunday she followed the Lord in baptism...which also made her a member of the church. Our little church is growing slowly but surely!


  1. Amen! You guys did a great job!! :-D

  2. I was so incredibly nervous singing AND playing =)

  3. This was great!! I loved it! And kudos to Maggie for playing AND singing at the same time. I've never gotten the hang of that. :)

  4. Oh...and great job on the flute!!

    I just sold mine. Don't know if that was a good long-term decision but it's done. :)

    And praise the Lord for the baptism of a new member!!! That is wonderful!


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