Saturday, April 30, 2011

A Sneak Peek: Friday

Not much to report from Friday. 

I worked 3! I wasn't feeling well that morning, so it wasn't until later on in the evening that Maggie & I exercised. It was a bit chilly downstairs so we had a fire going, and I tell you what...working out with a fire going is not easy. ;)

I watched some clips from the Royal Wedding. I love how they still use carriages, the women wear hats, etc. Speaking of hats...did you see the Princes cousin's hat? Light pink with a ridiculous bow?! Haha It reminds of something that would come out of a Dr. Suess book! I guess it's to each his own when it comes to fashion.

Yesterday was a big day for Omak. McDonalds reopened after being closed for almost a year. =) Last July they had a kitchen fire and while they were closed they took the opportunity to remodel and 'modernize' it. It looks really nice from the outside! I used to not be a fan of McDonalds, but it's growing on me...especially when you don't have very many options. It was definitely a hopping place yesterday. Someone (I won't mention any names) had the idea to go there for dinner, so Josh & I waited in line for half an hour! The line was backed up all the way to the road and into the turning lane! Crazy!

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