Friday, February 26, 2010

House Hunters

Today we went house hunting!  Here's what we looked at!!

This is the only pic I have of this house...Yes, it was that bad! GermX anyone??

This house was disappointing.  Maggie & I were especially excited to see it because it has an apartment downstairs (which we weren't able to see), but the upstairs just wasn't impressing us.

We like the different aspects of this house, but the location was awful.

I think I'm in love!  This house is GREAT!! It's nestled in the hillside and overlooks the city.  This is our favorite house!! It was built in '08, but has never been lived in.  We're hoping it'll still be around when we're ready to buy!  Look at the kitchen!! [drool]

This house has great potential if you had the money to put into it, because as you see in the pictures it's a BIT outdated. I should have taken a better picture of the kitchen.  The other appliances are the same yellow as the stove! [grin]

This house is called Home Sweet Home.  There was quite a bit about it that we really liked, but unfortunately there were aspects about it that didn't thrill, ie the teeney bathroom.

Last house of the day.  The living room was too small in this house, so that's what killed it for us.

So, needless to say we had a busy day!  It was fun though to be able to actually go and look at the houses rather than admiring them online.  By far, House #4 is our favorite, with #6 as runner up!!  We'll see!  It's all in the Lord's hands. 


  1. How exciting! Hopefully all your desires will be fullfilled:) I think I actually like the kitchen in the Home Sweet Home house better than the house that you guys like, but maybe I just didn't get the full effect from the pic. Ahhh, stainless steel appliances:) Bro. Newlands message had perect timing:) LOL see ya later.

  2. Yeah, we REALLY liked that kitchen, but like I said there were other aspects of the house that we weren't thrilled about. But, it's still an option for us. Time will tell.


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