Monday, January 24, 2011


Technically, Sunday is the beginning of the week, but for the sake of '7 days in the life of Kali' (plus the fact that it was an exciting day) here's one more post. =)

Sundays are long. We have to leave the house no later than 7:45 because it takes 45 minutes to get to church (depending on the weather), plus we have to set things up when we get there.  We have Sunday School at 9:30, Morning Service at 11:00 followed by lunch and we usually don't get home until 2:00.

Maggie & I rode with the Majors today, since my parents were picking up Theresa and her kids. 

My mom & I had kids class during the Sunday School hour. I taught on John the Baptist.

During the Morning Service, Maggie, Brother Majors & I sang a special.  We sang 'I Know Who Holds Tomorrow'...great song!  Before the video started Brother Majors mentioned how he kept messing up the beginning of the first and last verse...and what do you know...he did it again! That's the reason for some of the you're not familiar with the song you probably wouldn't even notice. =)

The message was really good!  It was about our journey as a Christian. When we get saved we start on a journey. We should be changing, becoming more like Christ. There are many examples in the Bible about those who received God's salvation and then were set on a completely different path in life, and that's exactly how it should be!  As Christians, we are on a journey to Heaven, Holiness, the Harvest and the House of God.

After lunch and cleaning things up at church we made our way to a motel for the use of their indoor swimming pool. Yep, we were going to have another baptism! We met Theresa when we first started the Highway 20 Project. I can't remember exactly when she got saved, but she's been coming to church faithfully the past several weeks and followed the Lord in baptism yesterday! It's so encouraging to see the changes in her life!

After we finished up there, we started to head home...or so we thought!

Head on over the Maggie's blog to read the rest. =)

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  1. Nice write-up! Thank you for sharing the experience with us people "over the mountains". -Steve


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