Wednesday, January 19, 2011


The Lord sure does have a sense of humor. I say, "My life isn't that interesting right now." He says, "I'll make it interesting!" :)

Today started off with baking. I got up and decided I wanted to try a recipe I saw on a blog.  Applesauce Breakfast was really yummy!

Braxton got here around 10:15 and the day took off from there.

WARNING: If you have a squeamish stomach, skip this section.


Both yesterday and today, Braxton had do I put this delicately...bowel movements. You're probably wondering why I'm even mentioning this.  Keep reading.  By one o'clock we ran out of diapers. Great! "You're on your last diaper kid. Make it last over the next 2 hours."  I'm sure you won't be surprised when I say that it wasn't long before he 'dirtied' that diaper. Now what? I had to do what I never thought I would do. I cleaned the mess out of the diaper, put a paper towel inside and gave a generous sprinkle of baby powder. Did that last long? Nope. He had a big blowout after that. You've got to be pulling on my leg. ( that movie) What's a girl to do now???  I pulled a diaper out the the trash and basically washed it with wipes and gave it a very generous dusting of baby powder. Thankfully, that's the diaper he went home in with no more incidents.  Also, I experienced a first today. For the very first time in my history of diaper changing, I got peed on.  It was only my skirt, but it happened. =)


To those who opted out of the previous section, Welcome back!

After Braxton left, my mom and I headed into town to do some grocery shopping.  Before we went to the store, I had a stop I wanted to make.  If you know me or have been reading my blog for any amount of time, you've probably picked up on the fact that I like to cook/bake and cake decorating is a hobby. So there's a new bakery in town and I've been pondering as to whether or not I should go in and see if they're hiring.  Well, I'm here to say that today I did...and I'm SO glad I did! I took pictures in of most of the cakes I've done, and after talking with the owner it sounds really promising!  While the job wouldn't be only cake (which I'm totally fine with), he liked what he saw and wants to sit down and talk.  I've not been offered a job or anything, but just from our exchange it was really encouraging.  So we'll see what happens! Whether I get this job or the job with Edward Jones or maybe even something else, all I want is the job the Lord wants me to be at.  But I have to say I'm excited about the possibility! 

Now, I bid you goodnight. I'm going to go enjoy a delicious, warm, gooey oatmeal chocolate chip cookie!

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  1. O that's so exciting!!! I'm so happy that you decided to go in and at least check things out. You're also lucky that it was only your skirt Braxton got, after all he is a boy. hehehehe


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