Monday, May 30, 2011

A Sneak Peek: Memorial Day Weekend

Since I didn't post Friday or Saturday, I'll go ahead and give you the whole weekend since we had some very special visitors!

I watched Braxton all day and even had the adventure of going to the store with him! It wasn't the first time, but I definitely learned a valuable lesson...even if you think he should be fine in the short amount of time you expect to be in there, be prepared with a drink and snacks! :D

I don't have a total number of the souls saved in Juarez, but it was 150-200! Praise God! He is definitely working in Mexico!

Olivia & I made homemade pop-tarts. They're nothing like store bought, but they're really good! 

Nicki & Alyssa came to visit for the weekend!

We went on outreach in Winthrop. 

The four of us girls went out to was really good! We spent the afternoon/evening playing games, watched a movie, and just enjoyed each others' company. 

Playing one of our favorite games - Sorry Card Revenge - while Nicki was napping. ;)

I won!!

Josh came home! Because of flight delays he didn't get in till midnight, which meant he didn't get home until 3. Bleh! Poor guy had to wait around in the airport for hours while feeling horribly sick from food poisoning the day before. Thankfully he's on his way to feeling better!

At church we had a surprise visit from the Dolans! It's always nice to see familiar faces!

The Majors came over for dinner (pizza!), we played games and also got to see pictures and hear about Josh's trip! God is certainly working and moving in Mexico!

We played more games! Can you tell we like games?? Sorry Card Revenge and Phase 10 are two of our favorites!

The girls left today. :( We had such a wonderful time with them! I can't wait till we get to see them again! 

It was nice weather-wise, but as the afternoon went on it started getting gloomy with rain off-and-on and thunder in the distance. 

In between rain showers we were able to get our garden planted! We have pumpkins, eggplant, cucumbers, watermelon, cantaloupe,  corn, onions, carrots, radishes, lettuce and green beans. We already have some tomatoes, peppers and strawberries planted and growing, and hope to get some spinach, peas and maybe even a blueberry bush or something like that too. Next weekend we'll be getting a rhubarb plant from my grandma which I'm really looking forward to! Strawberry Rhubarb Crisp...Mmmm!

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  1. That's a great surprise that the Dolans came through on their way back to the island.


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