Tuesday, May 22, 2012

What's In Erica's Purse?

Hey y'all! This is Erica from the blog, Aunt Erica

First off, let me just say that I am very excited about doing this and can't thank Kali enough for including me in such a cute little series! :)
And second, I must tell you that I am just an ol' country gal so some things in my bag may seem a little strange, but I'll tell you, everything in it is there for a reason!

So, with that being said, let's take a look at my purse...or my suitcase as my Daddy would call it ;)

I'm just gonna state the obvious here and just flat out say this is definitely not designer!
It's actually just an imitation Vera Bradley that I got a yard sale a couple weeks ago for $2.
But it works for me and I just love that pink gingham in the inside there!

This is my little wristlet wallet thing that I got for Christmas last year and boy...do I love this thing!
It is so handy for when I don't feel like lugging this huge pocketbook around everywhere!
It holds my phone, debit/gift/insurance cards, license, business cards, and a small amount of change.

These are my keys.
I have my car keys conveniently located in the front pocket of my purse, but the bulkier set of keys stays inside because it has my key to the different houses/offices I clean.
[And by the way, I don't know if you can really see it or not, but I did something I saw on Pinterest and painted the tops of my keys with nail polish to color-code them...so neat!]

These are my bandanas.
Now girls, take note....they're not just for guys or just for wearing in your hair!!
You can use these things for just about anything you'd need a towel for.
My daddy is actually the one who taught me to always keep one on me because he was a truck driver for years and he'd run into all kinds of stuff on the road and bandanas would always come in handy.
So with me cleaning houses now, I'm constantly going from job to job and so I have to keep a check on my oil and water and stuff in my car. And more times then not, my hands get dirty and I know they make other things [like moist wipes] for situations like this, but a bandana works just fine! :)

These are my lipsticks.
The first one on the left is actually chapstick...Carmex Moisture Plus...love, love, LOVE this stuff!! It is the only thing that works for my lips!
The middle one is Revlon [I think] and the one on the right is Rimmel London.

This is some reading material I keep in my purse so that I always have something good and Godly to read while I'm out.
There's my New Testament [KJV of course!] and some Gospel tracts from my church for when I'm out soul winning.
And then there's a little devotional book that a couple I work for gives me every other month called, Baptist Bread.
Very good reading!!

These are just some of my hair accessories that I keep with me.
I have a habit of playing with people's hair when I'm around them, so I always need some kinda thing to put in their hair.
Like just this morning I braided a lady's hair and she didn't have a clip or anything so I got out one of my little black rubber bands and it worked like a charm! :)

Another one of my daddy's ideas...lol!
Pocket knives, pepper spray and a lighter.
You never know when you'll need any of these items so it's best to keep it with you.
And not only for your safety either...I use my knives to cut flowers when I'm out flower picking and my lighter comes in handy in various ways like when the power goes out or just when I want to light a candle.
You just never know!!

And these are my little bottles of J. R. Watkins' lotion that I get from Cracker Barrel, and some tissues.
I like this lotion and keep it on me because it has goat's milk in it and it really helps with the skin on my hands getting dry in the winter time.
And it's just always a good idea to keep tissues handy!! :)

Other than these items, I keep in my purse:
-Batteries...for my camera and mp3 player.
-My camera...I couldn't exactly photograph it, but it's just an 8.0mp Nikon Coolpix..and it's actually my baby sisters. I'm still working on getting a new one since my old one died :[
-Safety pins, nail clippers/file, pens...people at church are always coming to me for these!

Well, I reckon that's about it!
Thanks again Kali for allowing me to share!

God Bless! :)


Thanks for sharing your purse with us, Erica! I know I sure enjoyed it!
Be sure to check out Erica's blog!
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  1. Erica is such a ray of sunshine! Loved seeing what's in her purse!

  2. This is so cute! Love the idea!!!


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