Thursday, May 24, 2012

What's In Rebecca's Purse?

Today we have Rebecca from Cotton+Wood!


A girl's purse is such an important asset to her. I'm not too picky about my purse...definitely don't have to have a Coach to get through life. My current purse is a Target-on-sale-gem. It's starting to show wear and it's about time to get a new one!

Because this purse is a bit bigger, the last thing I want is for it to bulge.  So I try to keep the contents limited to the basics.

Here we go!

This small bag keeps all of the essentials contained and helps me keep my sanity.  I really despise digging through my purse for something.

These are the floaters.  :)

Side pockets

Other side pocket

Front pockets

See?!  It does look a bit big on me.  But I love my little [big] purse.

Have a good day and thanks for having me, Kali!


Thanks, Rebecca! I'm having so much fun 'going through' everyone's purse! :)

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