Saturday, May 26, 2012

What's In Nicole's Purse?

Hello my name is Nicole and I blog over at Innermost Aspirations.

And I am happy to be guest blogging for Kali today.
I usually do not have this neat of a purse, but just for
all of you readers I decided I better clean it out! :)

I received this purse along with the adorable scarf from my parents
for my last birthday.
It is actually smaller than what I am used to but I have 
learned to adjust and take out unnecessary things. :)

  1. I recently got this Vera Bradly lanyard because I was constantly digging around in my purse looking for my keys.
  2. Business card holder
  3. My Android
  4. My digital camera

5.  Kleenex
6. favorite scent
7.  Orbit gum
8.  A mirror
9.  Mary Kay satin hands...this stuff is the absolute best and lasts forever!

10.  My Coach sunglasses case from EJ takes up alot of room but I love it and it reminds me of my friend
11.  My Liz Claiborne wallet also from EJ
12.  Coach wristlet that I  got from my parents with the items contained below:

Sanitizer, Advil, Lip gloss, and nail clippers = purse staple items

 Tide to go because I know myself. ;)
More lip gloss and lip stick (because a girl never has enough of that)

My day planner

And thus concludes the contents within my purse.
Thanks Kali, for hosting such a fun purse party!


Thanks, Nicole! And thanks, again, to all of the lovely ladies who participated. This was SO much fun! I hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did!
Be sure to stop by Nicole's blog and say Hi!
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